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How did God protect us?

February 24, 2010 - 10:00 PM

While I would love our kids to take everything I say as their own, it is exciting to watch them learn to form their own opinions and come to their own conclusions from the stories they hear, their own circumstances and the surroundings around them.  One of the topics they have been mulling over lately is coincidences, especially as we read various missionary stories during our days, and tonight spoke directly to coincidence.

The three were being babysat at a friend's house until before/near 6.  At 6:02* and running late, Josh and I walked into the house to find the mom holding her sweet little guy of 10 months old, asking me if my kids had ever had a seizure before, taking his temperature, the dad on the phone, our three and their other two trying to tell us what is going on.  "This happened like two minutes ago!" Max exclaimed.  The paramedics were on their way, the police had just shown up, and Josh I and took the 5 kids downstairs. 

We gathered our three and their two and we all kneeled and prayed for the little guy, his mom and dad, and the EMT's.  After a while, word came our way that the little guy was ok and didn't need to go to in the ambulance.  We again all kneeled and this time, thanked and praised God for protecting little guy and keeping him safe.  Little guy looked much better now and the doctor said they could wait until morning to go in.  Again, praise God!

So tonight, before bed, as we were talking about what to pray for, one of which being sweet little guy of course, I also added thanking God for protecting all of us tonight.  "How did God protect us?" 

"Don't you think it is interesting it happened only two* minutes before we got there?  And the dad had gotten home from work just before it happened?" 

"Yeah... little guy was fine the whole time we were there." (Since 3:30 mind you.)

"What do you think it would have been like if it had happened earlier?" 

"That would have been CRAZY with us 5 kids running around and all those officers and the EMT's!... ... ... Huh?..."

I could honestly hear the gears turning... he was processing all the events he had bore witness to, how they all happened in a specific way, and how if they had happened differently it would've been "crazy." 



*2 minutes is just the number Max gave us.  This is the same guy who thinks 10 minutes feels like 2 minutes.  And in all the excitement there and coming home, I still don't really know how all the events transpired before we showed up, but it was enough to make my guy go, "Huh."  Coincidence?

Response to How did God protect us?

  • Rachel said on February 25, 2010 - 2:33 PM

    It is I, the mysterious friend in this story.... It's true! I think it was about 2 minutes... well, maybe more like 5 total, but only 2 that the other kids (besides Zeke) might have noticed anything strange was happening... and very kind of God to hold it all off until I had three more adults to help me make decisions/wrangle children/etc. Very, very kind. God is good... all the time. My "sweet little guy" is now back loving life, walking around and smiling as much as ever before (despite the strep throat the doctor found earlier today). It's really incredible how it all played out. Very kind of God, indeed!

  • Dana said on February 26, 2010 - 7:34 AM

    Rachel! I know you are on twitter now, but you totally need a blog! :)! I am so thankful Isaiah is doing better, too!

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