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Super Speed Server Racer

October 18, 2007 - 10:33 PM

My husband switched servers tonight and my site happened to be one of the sites on the new server, and word on the street is the server is faster, so I decided that I needed to write a post (but honestly I can't think of anything fun to write) so that all of you (the 3 readers who you are) could notice the difference from the slow of yesterday to the fast of today because I would not like to think that you were having the same thoughts about my site that I was lately in that opening it was like fingers on a chalk board, or a skip on the record player, or the nag of a child: and I mean, the nagging of a child that does not come until they can speak in more complete sentences, even though those complete sentences, when said in a whine or nag, are short, they are still best said by a child with a bit more age under their belts so they know that the constant asking will be annoying enough to hopefully get their needs met; unless of course they are our children then they know that a constant nagging is not in their benefit (but you can sometimes sneak a fast one on mom if she is talking birth shop); they see the box of Eggos and want it because the commercial looks so great, and to top it off they have labels you can print off online but their smart mother knows this too and prints off the Eggo labels and puts them on the generic half price waffle version and wa-la, just as cool as the commercial... maybe this is one of those times that the sales people should have re-thought their gimmick, but when they put a Bionicle picture on the outside of the box, the kids were amazed that a picture of a Bionicle was on a waffle box and they asked mom for it, not because of what was good to eat inside, but so that they could have a box with a Bionicle picture on it, even though they have many boxes at home, pictures at home, and posters at home with the same picture, this seemed to be more important with it being Eggos and all and they had to ask mom to buy them and in this instance mom said yes, but not because she was suckered but because in their favor, the Eggos were actually on sale and as cheap as generic and so the box was put into the cart which brought the kids to beg the question, "Why did you buy us this?" to which mom happily replied "It was on sale," to which the kids then inquired, "Why do they have a Bionicle picture, is there a Bionicle inside?" to which mom replied, "No, that is the gimmick and they know that if they put a picture of a popular toy figure on the outside of the box then kids will see it and ask their parents to buy it... (this actually went on for about ten minutes)," "But Mom, you never give into our whining, why did you do it now when we didn't whine?" to which mom replies, "It was on sale," and the child understands and repeats back half of her speech, missing some parts but getting the highlights and ending with a, "And that is why they always sell candy and toys and junk food at the checkout too... just to make kids beg their parents until they get it?" which is exactly what mom was thinking and she realizes that when kids are able to speak more, life gets a lot more complicated and the once black and white world of yes and no becomes a series of inquiries into the human condition and the nature of the world around them, and they are learning step, by explained step, to be in the world but not of the world.

Response to Super Speed Server Racer

  • Holly said on October 19, 2007 - 7:02 AM

    Yay! More stories! I actually LOVE your blog, so thank you for always posting fun stuff! I haven't noticed any difference in speed, but then again, I'm not exactly sure what a server is! Oh well! Thanks for the post!

  • Amanda said on October 19, 2007 - 8:22 AM

    Yeah. Way faster.

  • Dana said on October 19, 2007 - 9:04 AM

    Indeed Amanda! And I imagine a server is just a really big computer, that's what I do, though, I know they are pretty small these days, :)!

  • Rob said on October 19, 2007 - 7:32 PM

    Breathe Dana breathe! :) And yes, continue the stories. It serves a good purpose for a needed chuckle during my workday...:)

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