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Zeke owns ANOTHER fish...

November 4, 2007 - 2:17 PM

If there was ever something, in the whole world, that could convince Josh and I that truly and deeply, without any doubt, we never want to own a pet... Zeke having a fish has done it.

Zeke's fish, Bravery I, has died.

He died Saturday morning between 9:00 and 9:30 AM. Zeke was very distraught by this.  Loving parents to our child, we called the fish store once they opened to find out policy on fish returns. They said to bring in the dead fish and a water sample within 48 hours of original purchase and you "may" get a new fish.

At 10:30 AM, Zeke and I went to return the dead fish and check the water. We ended up just bringing the whole tank in, dead fish and water and all. The "fish expert" did not check the water but instead just said, to pick out a new fish. Zeke picked out a new fish, really active and good looking fins. We brought him home and got him situated.

Bravery II

Once again, the new fish, Bravery II, did the same thing his predecessor did. Get home and go numb. He wouldn't move, didn't eat, stayed in the fake plant all day. First thing waking up this morning, Zeke went straight to his fish, and kept watch on it. Zeke was really, really worried and Bravery II was not looking active at all. Both Zeke and Bravery II were absolutely distraught.

At 12:00PM, the whole family treked the fish and his tank back to the pet store, once again. Bravery II was looking too mellow for words. This time, we asked the "fish expert" to test the water and see if we needed to buy a different fish food.

Turns out, it was the water.

The nitrate levels from our IC tap water were WAY high and the fish was slowly dying in the (family's drinking) water. Scary huh?

Zeke went ahead and bought some more fish food and then had to go and buy some spring water for his fish tank. All of his hard earned money has slowly been dwindling over these last few days.

And his parents?

Let's see... 3 trips to the pet store in 4 days... watching their child be in anguish over losing a pet and then be in anguish over trying to keep another pet alive... a trip to the store to buy water... a lot of mini-messes with multiple changes of water... stinky fish food... scoop of uneaten, soggy fish food... watching our son spend all his hard earned money for a fish... ????

Bravery II will be the end of pets in this house until Zeke can drive. And even then, it will still be only fish.

Response to Zeke owns ANOTHER fish...

  • Holly said on November 5, 2007 - 7:00 AM

    Poor Zeke! Poor fish! Poor mom and dad! What a sad tale! *SIGH* Looks like Zeke will just have to keep this fish alive for what? 12 years?

  • Elise said on November 5, 2007 - 9:43 AM

    Oh man..."poor Zeke" is right! After all his hard work cleaning and saving and everything, it'd be nice if the fish would hang on longer than 48 hours! :-) Nevertheless, this story only reinforces my belief that I too, am NOT a pet-owning person and would be terrible in this sort of situation. ;-)

  • Dana said on November 5, 2007 - 7:23 PM

    Holly - No, just for 9 years. I mean, they are only supposed to live 2 but maybe this guy is a fighter? :)! Here it is, running on 55 hours in and he is still alive... hasn't eaten yet, but still alive! Elise - I am so happy this guy has made it past 48 hours too! I was nervous about all our veggies dying this summer in our garden, but those are veggies, here we are dealing with real, creatures. Only a fish, but OY, a fish! We have a family member who really wants us to get the boys a dog and this whole ordeal only makes me more not want a dog. I am ready to give my all to our kids, but not for a pet, I am just not wired for it. :)!

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