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Fondue Fun... only possible with LOTS of help from our friends!

December 8, 2007 - 6:23 PM

Hooray! The 2nd Annual Fondue Party happened last night!

Once again, we couldn't have done it without SOOO many people's help! AND, it wouldn't have been fun without the guests! Here is my best attempt at a photo walk through... and trying to give credit where it is SO gratefully deserved!

Raspberry Table

This was just before the party started... the Raspberry Fondue table. Much thanks to Alicia H for making this delicious fondue! You could dip cigar wafers, dried apricots, pound cake, anything in this one! Shirley for the yummy dip and veggies! Becki for the fruit! Rachel for her delicious spinach dip! Thanks to Shirley for providing the pot!

Caramel Fondue Table

This was also before the party started... the Caramel Fondue Table! This was Leslie's Fondue that was delicious! Here we also had Pomegranate Salsa, and yummy fruit from Angie! Thanks to Shirley for providing the pot!

Chocolate Fondue Table

The Chocolate Fondue Table! Always a hit and a table all to itself since everything is fun to dip in it! Thanks to Kari for this wonderful chocolate fondue! Thanks to Angie for the fruit! Thanks to Laurie for providing the pot!

Pizza Fondue Table!

This is the Pizza Fondue Table! (My apologies Tony for your eyes being closed in this one, it was the only photo I had!) I made the Pizza Fondue and Robert made the delicious breadsticks! Thanks to Abbey for the yummy chocolate rice krispies treats! Thanks to Amos and Molly who weren't even asked but SO kindly brought three wonderful cheeses and wafers! (I could never decide on a favorite, btw! They were all wonderful in my book!)

Tortellini Fondue!

This was the Tortellini Fondue table! Jessica O made this yummy fondue! You take tortellini and heat up in the broth for 20 seconds then dip in either pesto, marinara or alfredo sauce. This table also had bruschetta and another delicious veggie dip from Shirley! Peter also made a now famous Texas Caviar recipe!

Cheese Fondue! photo from Brian G

This was the best shot of the Cheese Fondue Table! Look over Peter in the greenish/yellowish chair and see the guy in the orangeish/redish shirt, who is standing in front of a door? Or do you see the thin vertical strips of a table cloth edge? That is the bar which was where we had Jonathan and Melodie's yummy Cheese Fondue with all sorts of good dippin' things! Thanks so much Leslie for the yummy veggies for this table! We also had Cranberry Salsa here and yummy fruit from Becki!

Not to forget the drinks provided by Box! And the Cider brought by Amber! And the clean up by Jessica, Melodie, Becki, Alicia, Angie and Leslie! Am I missing anyone?!! Oh! The table provided by Heather! The space heater by Shirley! And to Joe and Shirley for feeding our cuties dinner and to Dan and Wendy for watching<

Response to Fondue Fun... only possible with LOTS of help from our friends!

  • Kirsten said on December 8, 2007 - 6:41 PM

    I love fondue...We got a fondue pot as a wedding gift but have not used it nearly often enough in the past five years. This is inspirational...maybe I'll have to organize a party like this some day! :-)

  • Dana said on December 9, 2007 - 8:39 AM

    You should! I was just thinking I'd like to throw one of these on a smaller scale soon too. Like having 2 or 3 pots on one table and a handful of guests. I would have to have 3 though because I would not be able to choose from cheese or raspberry and I would hate to kee our guests from chocolate.

  • Jackie said on December 10, 2007 - 8:21 PM

    What a wonderful party! And what a great way to describe it--I almost felt like I was there and enjoying everyone's wonderful treats. Delicious!

  • Elisa said on December 11, 2007 - 8:45 PM

    WOW. That is quite the smorgasbord! What a great, fun fellowship activity! Tortellini fondue, huh? Might have to try that...

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