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My Life as an Extention of Seinfeld - At the Dry Cleaners.

January 30, 2008 - 1:02 PM

Events often happen in my life that are like an episode of Seinfeld (running a car out of gas, going to the doctor, etc).  Recently was one of those, yet again...

We have issues with dry cleaners.

One dry cleaner we went to, shrunk 5 of Josh's nice dress shirts and then refused to admit they were shrunk and pay for replacements. I argued with the manager forever, but he wouldn't go for it. The shirts were still technically within range of the shape they should be as he measured them and even though they have always fit my husband and now they don't, he must have grown in the arms (at the age of 28) and the shirts did not shrink. We left them and went to another dry cleaner.

The other day, Josh noticed one of his shirts had a rip in the sleeve. At first he thought he did it until we noticed the same rip on another dress shirt. (And it may have also been on a third but I had thrown that one out already since I thought it was our fault.) Once again, I was back to the dry cleaner.

Mind you, the dry cleaning manager lady and I are tight. We are always friendly and chatty over the last several years and she even knew that we were going to her shop since the other shop ruined our last shirts. But when I took the shirts into her with their obvious rips in them, I found myself in the episode of Seinfeld...

Jerry walks into the dry cleaner with a dress shirt that is obviously meant for an 8 year old and brings it to his dry cleaner's attention. He says to the dry cleaner that he does not want his money back he simply wants his dry cleaner to admit to the fact that he made a mistake and shrunk the shirt because it is painfully obvious that the shirt would not fit Jerry as is. The dry cleaner refuses for a while but under Jerry's insistence and promise of not wanting anyting other than a confession, finally whispers that, in fact, he had shrunk the shirt.

This was the episode I lived out on Monday. Taking back Josh's 2 dress shirts that had obvious holes in them, one of which still having the dry cleaner's tags on it and having to argue with my good dry cleaning lady friend. I had called her in advance so she knew I was coming and she was definitely ready for me.

She immediately cast off the holes as Josh's fault for having a desk job and the sleeves in that spot wearing on the side of his desk. I insisted that could not be the case since the holes were in the same spot yet on different sleeves and it did not look like there was wear on the opposite sleeves in that spot. She insisted, it was because he works a desk job. I insisted that the fabric in that area is not worn and there is no previous sign of wear and that the holes are obviously made from something other than wear. She insisted it was his desk job. Wasn't it odd that they both happened to give way of wear at the same time, the same dry cleaning tags, and even though the ages of the shirts are different. She finally conceded to hold them to talk to her boss. Yada, yada, yada.

Well, today, a miracle happened!

She called and conceded! And they are going to pay for the shirts! Something never impossible on Seinfeld!

In Seinfeld, if she conceded, he would have had to jump through all these hoops and then maybe the check would bounce because Seinfeld would then be responsible for the dry cleaning place going bankrupt because then people would hear of the refunds and everyone would go back and demand their money and then for some reason the owners would then sue Jerry for damages and he would go to the court but not have any nice dress shirts that are clean but his puffy shirt and the judge will think Jerry is mocking the court and hold him in contempt... or something like that.

(I need to have Bev teach me how to startch dress shirts and make them last myself!)

Response to My Life as an Extention of Seinfeld - At the Dry Cleaners.

  • Holly Boston said on January 31, 2008 - 3:08 PM

    Wow! Dana... that IS a miracle! I'm sorry your dry cleaning encounters are so terrible! I've never even heard of such things happening!

  • Dana said on January 31, 2008 - 4:58 PM

    I know! I am so glad that they are footing the bill though, they ruined 2 really expensive shirts and it is such a blessing for them just to pay for them in full!

  • Sarah said on February 12, 2008 - 9:19 AM

    Dana, I saw an episode of Seinfeld last night where the owner of the dry cleaner place wears Jerry's clothes after he drops them off to be cleaned. I thought about you. :) Make sure to have Josh check his pockets for any ticket stubs or receipts... that's how Jerry found out.

  • Dana said on February 12, 2008 - 9:27 AM

    OH!!! I love that one!

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