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The Devil Drives a MiniVan (No, wait, it's me?)

March 3, 2008 - 10:32 PM

We have been incredibly blessed with our new-to-us minivan these last 2 weeks and I tell you what, the honest truth... the thing is huge!

We have more room then we know what to do with! I used to hate bucket front seats but you know, it is nice because in this van there is nothing between the bucket seats but empty space... no big trash holders or consoles separating me from my honey. You can sit sideways with your legs in the middle and hold your sweetie's hand easily.

Then there are the kids and their seats. The second row of bucket seats is far away from the first row and has a huge amount of leg room even for a 6' 2" husband. Then the back row is miles away. Then the trunk is 3' deep itself!

Then there is the fact that the kids and I can all pile in one door... any door, driver's, passenger, side. (We could probably even use the rear if I could manage to close it.) Then once inside, we all walk around inside it like it is a house. (This is also a perk since the side door is a beast of burden!)

Yes, there are a couple downsides...

Downside #1... there is so much space! I mean seriously, I need a built in intercom system, one for each seat in the vehicle. I initially wanted just permanent walkie-talkies, but I really think an intercom would be best because it couldn't get lost. The boys are constantly saying to me, "Mom, why are you talking in a loud voice?" To which I reply in a normal speaking voice, "Because if I talk in my normal voice you can't hear me." To which they reply yelling, "What'd you say?"

Downside #2... there is so much space! It is a virtual playroom on wheels (not that I let it get filled with toys, just that it is still a grand novelty in having SO much space) and their goofiness factor has greatly increased especially now they are literal feet away from mom, she and them are all strapped in, and in their world they are unstoppable. Needless to say, I think we are going to have to start making trips in the van a new teaching lesson. (I mean, we've done this with the grocery store, but in a vehicle? Crazy!)

Driving around today, basking in the amazing features, blessing and space of the vehicle, I still couldn't help thinking that minivans are the devil. (I know so many of my friends are driving them these days, so please don't take offense, keep reading, it gets better, honest!) Then I started thinking about how they could be like sin... when you're in it, it's fun and exciting, you've got on rose colored glasses (or a nice set of tinted windows) and it is hard to notice anything wrong, but once out of it and looking back you see it for what it is? Honestly, can you sense what a desperate woman I am?

This is where you need to say, in your loud voice, "Dana, eat crow, get over it!"

Dear Readers...hear me now and believe me later... this minivan is so painfully practical and spacious you can't help but... *gasp*like*cough*i mean*cough*twinge*and*wheeze*enjoy*it*cringe*churn*wheeze*. There, I said it.

Oh ok, I'll do it once more nicely... Minivans are *gulp* great.

Oh all right, fine! Minivans are great! :)! (See, I'm smiling!)

The devil doesn't drive a minivan, I do... not that there's anything wrong with that.

... now watch the poor thing die on us tomorrow. At least we can honestly say it was good while it lasted!


Response to The Devil Drives a MiniVan (No, wait, it's me?)

  • Sarah said on March 4, 2008 - 10:33 AM

    *evil laugh* You have come to the dark side Dana. With all the charm a minivan has to offer, I can see your correlation with sin. But in defense of our Executive (that's what Narmin named it so I didn't feel like a soccer mom), we view it as a means to bless other by carting them or their stuff around. Hope you continue to enjoy the ride!

  • Dana said on March 4, 2008 - 11:00 AM

    Yes indeed! The carry factor is amazing! In the Buick we can only fit us, but now we have room for 2 extra people or 3 if it is just us 4. Amazing!

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