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Wacky Wednesday!*

March 26, 2008 - 7:45 PM

It all began
with the alarm's ring.
An alarm's ring... ?
Shouldn't be a thing!

I woke up and said,
"Why didn't I wake
for the gym Tuesday?
Now I am going
on a weird "off" day!"

Oh, MAN!
And that's how
Wacky Wednesday

I looked out
the window.
And I said,
More things were wacky
And I saw three.
(the neighbor's garage door open
with light on,
the other neighbor's interior lights on
at 5:45AM, and
a thick chunk of ice on the windshield.)

I went
to the gym
and I said,
Three more things
were wacky today!
(2 deer crossing our in-town street,
a car parked in the middle of another street,
a car driving down the wrong way on
the one way for a long time.)

At the gym,
At the gym,
(a filled parking lot at 6AM,
tons of middle aged men playing b-ball at 6AM,
a group of swimmers at the pool at 6AM,
a strange older gentleman staring at me the whole time.)

And the family back at home?
They looked wacky, too!
They said,
"Nothing is wacky
around here but you!"
(Josh making 6 shots of espresso
using actual shot glasses and he just kept brewing,
Miriam climbing inside the back of my shirt
and sticking her head through the neck hole
and arms through the arms holes
while I am still in it,
Zeke asking for juice instead of a cappuccino,
Max sleeping in till 9!)

5 MORE things!
I got scared.
And I ran
over to visit
CIT's van.
(a moving truck ripped open
like a sardine can going
under the Iowa bridge,
the river's water nearing
touching said bridge,
children eating celery without complaining,
making it in and out of the
library within 20 minutes,
Max checking out a book to learn to read and write Chinese)

"I'm sorry, Cramer IT."
That's all I could say.
"Don't be sorry," they smiled.
"It's that kind of day.
The internet was down
but it wasn't our fault!
Be glad!
And HEY!
Wacky Wednesday
will soon go away!"

"Only 6 more things
will be wacky," they said.
"Just find them
and then
you can go
back to bed."

(The blinker and fan are working
in the van again miraculously,
I don't have to go back to the chiro
for 3 weeks instead of 2!,
2 lovely ladies I know being baby due
at almost the same time
(Yeah Nancy and Maren!),
not being able to yawn again - bum!,
the kids ate in no particular order:
wheat noodles,
feta cheese, sun dried tomatoes,
white sauce with cauliflower on the side,
Mom ate said cauliflower too!)

Wacky Wednesday was gone
when I counted those things.
And for tomorrow, I will be rid
of that alarm's annoying ring.

I yelled aloud
before falling asleep.
"That will teach me
to sleep in Tuesday
next week!"

My alarm chuckled
as it whispered to me,
"It's not over yet since
You're still off a day.
Now, you'll have to go to the gym on
Freaky Friday."

*Thank you Theo. LeSieg's Wacky Wednesday

Response to Wacky Wednesday!*

  • i missed something! said on March 27, 2008 - 9:08 AM

    Wait, Maren's pregnant?? Go Q's!

  • Dana said on March 27, 2008 - 9:28 AM

    Oh wo/man! I assumed the cat was out of the bag since she posted it on her Facebook status yesterday! Yikes! I am sorry for ruining your surprise! :)!

  • Libby said on March 27, 2008 - 11:06 AM

    No, no, don't worry! :-) It's a great surprise, and it means I should check Facebook more often...

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