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10 Things... tagged by Alicia M

April 6, 2008 - 12:13 PM

OY! 10 things about myself you probably don't know...

1. I would love to live on a sustainable homestead. This is really strange since I love the city a lot, I love buildings and architecture immensely and will never give up my enjoyment those things found in mass. But I would love to live away from everything and have to work hard for everything as a family. I would love to learn to raise chickens and other livestock for food, from milking cows to actually killing the chickens, de-feathering and all. Some people think it is glamorizing things and it is not fun, but I think having our garden last summer taught us a lot and the garden this summer being more of a food source for our family this summer will cause us to experience that lifestyle more.
2. I HATE Oreos but I LOVE Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.
3. I started drinking coffee by adding a half package of hot cocoa mix to a cup of coffee. This is crazy because I really don't like chocolate... well, I like brownies sometimes if they are just regular brownies without extra chocolate chunks and such, and will eat an occasional chocolate bar but only if it has nuts, but that too is rare.
4. I used to smoke (sorry Mom!) and quit the day before getting married, cold turkey. I have only smoked 2 cigarettes after that day, one the day before RN got married and once before MP got married and am now done for good, though the craving is still there.
5. I used to cover up the birthmark on my face with makeup. Now, I hardly ever even know it exists. (I actually asked my husband before writing this out if it was still on my face, duh Dana!)
6. I talk out loud to myself while exercising... if it is doing something I like (sweatin' to the oldies, nordic track, lifting weights) it is encouraging things like, "Come on girl!"... if it is something I do not like (running) I curse the whole time, non stop, under my breath if kids are running near or out loud if they are far away.
7. I almost didn't graduate college for 2 different reasons... first, for my BArch I needed 169 credits and I had 168.5. I snuck my way into a tennis class that met the second half of my last semester of college in order to graduate. The second was that my second to last semester of college was half at ISU and half at the College of Torino, something ISU frowns upon but thankfully was able to sneak by on that one too.
8. I am a horrible actress but in my sophomore year of HS I got the lead in the school play one week before opening night. The play was Dracula and the lead actress quit. Now, my sister was the supporting actress and I was a techie but because of my sister and me wishing I was as cool as her, I hung out all the time there. When the lead actress quit, she flippantly pointed as me and said, "She could do it." The director knew I stunk but was desperate and in one weekend I memorized all the lines and blocking. I got to rehearse 3 times and then perform for the crowd, insane!
9. I always read the first chapter of a book and then immediately read the last chapter. I only recently started doing this since I have been married. Josh reads all these exciting novels before bed and the suspense in them drives me crazy. I read the first chapter to know the players and then the last chapter to know the ending. If the ending seems good I will read the whole book. It drives Josh absolutely crazy.
10. I initially HATED the internet and computers when I entered college. Mind you, when I entered college hardly anyone owned a computer or had email addresses. I flat out refused to use them except when forced to do so for class. Ironic now that it is our bread and butter.

I would love to tag you all but then who would you tag? I will tag Maren, in hopes she'll blog and post a cutie Jem picture... Nancy, so we<

Response to 10 Things... tagged by Alicia M

  • Sarah said on April 6, 2008 - 3:32 PM

    A smoker?! Man, I can't wait for your tell all biography, it will be mighty interesting! :) Oh, and I agree with Josh, it would drive me crazy if Jonathan read the first and last chapter of a book.

  • leah, your sister leah said on April 7, 2008 - 5:46 AM

    Danie, you were a great actress and Mr. Holzworth was forever indebted to you--you saved Dracula. :) Hey, and I'd totally do this thing: what are the questions? Johanna and I used to smoke Swisher Sweets, but Dad asked me to stop, so I did.

  • Dana said on April 7, 2008 - 7:42 AM

    Leah - Dad is really good at getting people to stop smoking, that's great! The question is write 10 things about yourself so people can get to know you more. Enjoy!

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