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A Nervous Gardener Finds Her Joy

April 23, 2008 - 8:48 PM

I tell you what, I was nervous last year about gardening, but this year, I am more nervous.

This year, we are attempting to make this a real working/producing garden... planting in succession, freezing, canning and storing properly, etc. I am planning all our summer menus around the garden. I am spending as little money as possible this year and at the same time, planning and planting as much as possible.

I must remind everyone, I have a black thumb.

Gardening does not come easy for me. Sans last year's garden, at my house, I have plastic flowers OUTSIDE instead of real ones, oy! I've read 4 gardening books at least 5 times this spring, talked to a dozen fellow gardeners, planned it all out on paper and am so convinced it will not work this year.

Have you ever had those times when, you have done something, it was wonderful, everything clicked just right and you were like, "Yeah, I would totally do that again." Anything really... a parade, a food or drink, a location, an event, etc. Then, you do this thing again, and right from the get-go, everything is off. It didn't start how you hoped or remembered or something funky happened along the way, or an off night for the cook.

That is how I have felt every day at the lot. We got into our lots late, it was raining a ton, the water wasn't turned on, etc. Nothing seems to be working out like I had planned and even though some things are in the ground, nothing is sitting right within me.

Our New Lot (notice Leslie's Beautiful Trellis in the back right?)

Even in the midst of it all though, I know the kids are enjoying the time. I decided to make short quick trips to the garden in the late afternoons where we play a bit, make a big go of it, then play a bit more and go home. We plant only a few things each visit and if attitudes go sour we can quickly get up and go. But when the boys work, they really work, and they are getting good. And when they play, they play hard.

Boys at Play

My surprise joy this year has been Miriam. She has been so cheerful and helpful this year. She loves walking to and from the water with me, she holds my hand and talks my ear off the whole trip. She makes up little stories for me or tells me about her day. With the constant talking of her brothers, she has used this time, just her and I, to catch up on the events of the day. It is odd to hear her speak in such complete thoughts, again, because she rarely gets a word in with her brothers. Today, she even made up a song, "I love! my mom and dad! and i love! to obey them! zeke and max! are my best brothers! in the world!"

Working Miriam

In any event, I make no promises this year... call me the candidate who sees their loss coming and starts dissing themself early. I don't know what will come of it on a produce side, but on a charater side, for the kids and I, I can already see beautiful fruit coming.

Response to A Nervous Gardener Finds Her Joy

  • Blakely said on April 24, 2008 - 9:54 AM

    Oh Dana, I wish you the best of luck on your garden!! We were so happy with the outcome of our garden last year and were looking forward to fresh veggies again this year, but with trying to move, we're just not sure how things will turn out. We decided to plant a garden at our house again this year, in case we are around when we can actually harvest some of it. Are you trying anything new this year that you didn't do last year??

  • Dana said on April 26, 2008 - 7:25 AM

    Hey Blakely! I am trying somethings new, specifically with my onions. I didn't know much about them throughout last year but this year, I did research on them, and I now know what I did last year was wrong. They like to come up out of the ground and that is ok. They take up to 80 to ripen, then you gently lift them out of the ground and let them dry on the ground for a while. then you take them home and hang them and let them dry some more. Then they will store for up to 7 months in a cool dry place. Very nice! Also, I heard of this flower "nasturtium" which is a good flower to plant with your veggies. It keep bugs off squash plants and the like. I am going to plant some of those for sure. I looked at this thing I wrote last year ( and outside of the onions stuff, am trying most of this stuff. I am planting my herds though, throughout the garden though too. I heard plant basil by tomatoes, oregano by cuccumbers and chives near carrots. These combos use the herb to fight off the bug for each plant.

  • Kari said on April 27, 2008 - 8:43 PM

    Think happy thoughts! The Lord provides the harvest! I'm sure you will be feeling better when you see your little seedlings growing and you get some green stuff in the dirt (like tomato and pepper plants).

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