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For the [fill in blank] of birds

April 25, 2008 - 10:05 PM

And I thought I was just afraid of bugs.

Case in Point #1: Last year we put up a bird feeder outside out kitchen table window, thinking we could watch sweet little birds eat seeds while we eat. Cute right? Well, then the birds decided that the place for food was SO nice that they would live on top of the food they so enjoyed and they turned our bird feeder into a bird house. We tried emptying the feeder multiple times of it's grassy contents and fill it full of food, but to no avail. The birds deemed it better a home then a grocery store. Once winter started, we got rid of the bird feeder/house.

Case in Point #2: Last year Josh's RAV, which sits in the driveway, had bird poop all down the side door. We assumed a bird was sitting on top of his car and happened to just poop there, or perhaps it was sitting on the electric wires above his car? We had to wash his car more than normal, but no biggie, it didn't last the whole year.

Case in Point #3: Thanks to our roof leaking this past winter, the excess water made itself a nice hole in our soffit. It was no big deal, it wasn't too big but then as spring neared the birds started coming back... and well, they wanted their house back. Instead, they decided to start picking at our hole to make it bigger and get their bodies into. Josh, patched up the hole and they were thwarted... for the moment.

Case in Point #4: The birds decided to make our grill their home. I have heard of this happening to friends before so I wasn't too bothered. But they would sit there, on the grill, squawk to high heavens as if saying, "Where is our food! Where is our home!" They sit on top of our gutters and holler with all their might, it is a very disturbing sound.

Case in Point #5: There was one other very small hole that the leaking roof caused and it was small enough, and still cold outside, we just covered it with duct tape.  Since then, we have had to actually cover it as the birds starting pecking and gnawing at the duct tape, biting it off and pulling it off to work on making the tiny hole larger.

Case in Point #6: Josh's RAV starting getting bird poop on it again. This time, I was looking out the window and saw how it actually happens. The bird, a very large bellied robin, was sitting on the ledge by the side mirror and was banging his head against the window (smearing bird spit all over the window) and the side mirror. He was pecking furiously, trying to get at something inside the mirror. Last year, this happened only on the passenger side and I assume this bird was the only culprit. A few days later, I saw a thinner robin on the driver side, trying to nudge his way in as well, sitting on the ledge, banging his head over and over on the glass and mirror. (Am told, via the web, that this is a bird trying to defend his territory but maybe he was just after Josh's granola bars in the front seat?)

Case in Point #7: I washed Josh's RAV and parked it in the street a little way from our home, thinking I could outsmart the bird. Did the poop stop? No. The Buick was parked on the street by it and it too started getting the same poop stains down the side. Gross.

Closing Arguments: We have 3 perfectly fine bird houses out in our back yard and none of them are being used. Our neighbor behind us has a good dozen bird feeders for all kinds of birds. And yet... and yet... they are watching us.


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